Tucker Carlson: If you let Democrats force you to get the vaccine, they’ll have

Back in March, Joe Biden gave his first prime address as president. Almost all 24 minutes of the speech were devoted to promoting the new coronavirus vaccines – the miracle of medicine. One of the administration’s main priorities, Joe Biden told the country, was making sure every American got a COVID shot. And yet, the administration later took pains to explain, universal vaccination was not the same as a federal mandate, they’re very different. “The government is not now, nor will we be,” requiring vaccine passports – that’s what Joe Biden’s flack assured reporters. As important as vaccines may be, the question of whether to take them, whether to have powerful drugs injected into your body is the most intimate kind of personal health decision 

Politicians and bureaucrats should have no role in a decision like that. These decisions are for the individual alone to decide, in consultation with family, physicians and clergy. When it comes to medical care, it is your body, your choice — just as it’s been since 1973. That seemed to be, consistently enough, the Biden Administration’s position on vaccines. Many people assumed that it was their position. But it was not. On the questions of vaccines, Joe Biden is not pro-choice. He is pro-mandate. You may have missed that.


Just because there’s no official federal requirement to take the coronavirus vaccine, does not mean that you and your family won’t be required to take it. With the full backing of the Biden administration, private industry and nonprofits may be forcing you to. For example, colleges across the country have announced they will require vaccine passports in the fall. Students who can’t show proof of COVID vaccination will not be allowed on campus. Yale, Georgetown and Princeton have adopted this rule, and most have followed. Now, Duke, Columbia and Cornell. The University of Michigan is requiring the COVID vaccine. So is the University of Massachusetts, and the entire University of California system, which is the largest in the country. 

KTVU SAN FRANCISCO REPORTER: When students at the University of California head back to school next fall, they’ll need to have a COVID vaccination when they step onto campus…UC made the announcement Thursday along with California State University campuses. And Stanford University’s provost sent out a letter stating they will require full COVID-19 vaccination as well.


You can see where this is going, and at high speed. Soon, virtually all college students in America will be required to take the COVID vaccine. In effect, it is a national mandate — though, because it has happened piecemeal, school by school, each apparently making an independent decision, few recognize it as that as it’s happened. But a national mandate is what it is. The question is, why are schools doing this, and is it a good idea? From a medical standpoint, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind this. As a group, young people are not at risk of dying from COVID. Maybe more significant, huge numbers of college students have already been infected with the coronavirus. We know that, and therefore they have a natural immunity to it. Why do these kids need a vaccine? No one has explained that the question has rarely been asked.

In no other circumstance do we immunize people against a virus for which they already have antibodies. From a medical perspective, that doesn’t make sense. It seems especially strange to require it in this case. None of the coronavirus vaccines have been approved by the FDA. They’re experimental medicines, they’re administered under emergency authorization. That doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, and we’re not claiming the Coronavirus vaccines are dangerous. But there are unresolved concerns about their long-term effects on some people, including their effects on female fertility. That is not a conspiracy theory. That is true. It’s an honest question that no one so far has been able to answer.  And, it’s not simply being asked by partisans. It’s being asked by practicing physicians.

Katharine Lee, for example, is a research fellow in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Lee doesn’t seem like a partisan Republican or a QAnon adherent or a crank. She gladly took the Coronavirus vaccine, she seemed to support the Coronavirus vaccine strongly. But then, in herself, she noticed unexpected effects on her menstrual cycle.  


“It wasn’t a symptom that was on the list,” Lee said. “I expected that my arm would be sore, or that I might have a fever or a headache, but this just wasn’t on the list.” 

Kate Clancy, another scientist who studies female…

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